MBI Coatings has been dedicated
to providing coating solutions for over 25 years!

MBI is leading the way in engineered coatings & surface technology, offering a complete range of services directed at improving the performance of components and parts.

Coated traction rollers (Tractec)

Utilizing state-of-the-art surface engineering technologies (HVOF, Plasma, and Thermal Spray systems), we make your components work better while increasing their life span.

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Plasma Spray in process

We excel at solving wear and corrosion problems while helping you engineer your surface for better release, nonstick, non-slip, di-electric, heat-shielding or other desired properties.

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Service Capabilities

  • Large component handling (Rolls over 20' length)
  • HVOF, Plasma, Thermal Spray systems
  • Teflon & polymers, liquid and powder coatings
  • In-house machine shop support: machining, grinding, polishing, etc.
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing
  • Grit and media blasting
  • On-site capabilities for most processes
  • Application consultations

The MBI Coatings Advantage

MBI Coatings is unique in our ability to utilize and combine coating systems such as HVOF, Plasma, and Thermal spray with liquid or powder polymer coatings to produce the best solution for your application. This diversity provides a great advantage over competing service companies.